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Breed Standard

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Tibetans Spaniels are a small, active alert dog that comes from Tibet - The Rooftop of the World.  The role of the Tibetan Spaniel was that of a watchdog, sitting on the monstery walls surveying, and alerting the guard dogs (Tibetan Mastiffs) of strangers approaching.  You will still find that characteristic in them today, climbing to a lookout point!  It is believed that Tibetan spaniels were imported into Britain from the 1890's.  Our present day dogs all stem from a bitch owned by Lady Wakefield.

Tibetan Spaniels are highly intelligent and are very independent, only doing things when they want to.   It is also said you don't own a Tibetan Spaniel, they own you!!!!

Tibetan Spaniels are affectionately known as Tibbies.

Information on the Breed

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Breed Standard

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